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144-2022-EOI-UNDP-CO - Call for Expression of Interest for Provision of Travel Management Services (Тендер №64181454)


Краткая информация

Организатор тендера: ПРООН ( посмотрите все тендеры от заказчика ПРООН)
Номер конкурса: 64181454
Дата публикации: 01-08-2022

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Полная информация

144-2022-EOI-UNDP-CO - Call for Expression of Interest for Provision of Travel Management Services
Procurement Process : EOI - Expression of interest
Office : UNDP Country Office - TAJIKISTAN
Deadline : 01-Aug-22
Posted on : 18-Jul-22
Development Area : SERVICES
Reference Number : 93515
Link to Atlas Project :
00020124 - Organizational Effectiveness in UNDP Tajikistan
Documents :
Overview :



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Tajikistan Country Office (CO) hereby invites national and international qualified companies with representation in the country to express their interest in providing full range of travel services. The expression of interest should illustrate the ability of the travel agency to provide high quality travel services, including issuance of air tickets, train tickets, airport/train station pick-up, hotel bookings, assistance for emergency travel and medical evacuation, processing visa applications, and assistance in arranging for major conferences abroad, etc.

This call for EOI aims to assess the market availability and viability of the travel agencies in Tajikistan in relation to establishment of Long-Term Agreements (LTAs), about size and experience of travel agencies in Tajikistan, price formation mechanisms. The LTAs will be concluded with a minimum duration of one (1) year and may be extended up to three (3) years, depending on satisfactory performance of the supplier(s).

a) Definition

In UNDP, an LTA refers to a written agreement between UNDP and a vendor whereby specific set of goods or services are established at a fixed or prescribed pricing scheme for a defined period of time. Over the said period, UNDP may place repetitive orders in varying range and quantities for the same agreed price. The act of ordering on LTAs are called “orders”.

By the nature of LTAs, UNDP has no legal obligation to order any minimum or maximum quantity, until an order, in the form of a Purchase Order (PO) or email authorization is issued to the LTA holder.

b) Background

In order to achieve cost efficiency from economies of scale while ensuring outstanding quality of service, the UN Agencies have agreed to consolidate the travel requirements and enter into common contract travel agency/ies to serve its travel needs and other travel-related services.

Travel shall apply to all movements or journey of UN staff from one place to another for official business purposes, both international and domestic. UN agencies follow a strict travel policy, and all travel requests must adhere to the respective policies.

Travel shall apply to all journeys of UN Agencies staff by air/train from one place to another for official business purposes. These official purposes include, but need not be limited to, to the following:

  • Official missions, meetings and various events;
  • Interviews of applicants / candidates for employment;
  • Appointment and repatriation of staff and family members;
  • Home leaves, emergency travels, and educational leaves; and
  • Visit to project sites, by UN Agencies staff, Government and counterparts, or other entities.

c) General Instructions and application documentation

UNDP invites potential travel agencies to express their interest for the above requirement. The expression of interest should specify UNDP reference number 144-2022-EOI-UNDP-CO and shall be received no later than 01 August 2022, 12.00 PM, Dushanbe Time (GMT +5) in a sealed envelope or via email to the address below:

Procurement Unit

United Nations Development Programme in Tajikistan

39, Aini Street, Dushanbe, 734124, Republic of Tajikistan


The Expression of Interest submitted by email must be limited to a maximum of 15 MB, virus-free and no more than 3 email transmissions. The subject of the e-mail shall have clear reference – “144-2022-EOI-UNDP-CO - PROVISION OF TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SERVICES”.

The sealed envelope shall have the following marking:

TO: UNDP Tajikistan

ATTENTION OF: Procurement Unit



DEADLINE: 12.00 Dushanbe Time (GMT +5), 01 August 2022



The Expression of Interest shall include the following documentation in free format:

  • Letter of Interest to participate in the tender.
  • A brief profile of the company including size, geographical location and network, areas of expertise, years in business, product range, etc.
  • Copy of valid Business registration documents, licenses and Quality assurance certificates (if any) e.g. ISO held by your company, either for company business processes or products, or both.
  • Copy of Valid IATA certificate.
  • List of major clients (International and Government organizations, embassies).
  • Copies of recommendation letters from major clients.
  • Duly Accomplished Annex A – Questionnaire

Tender for Long Term Agreement with UNDP CO in Tajikistan will be conducted in accordance with the procedure set out in the UNDP Procurement Guidelines and UNDP Financial Rules and Regulations. The information received through this EOI may result into open competitive procurement process.

This Request for Expression of Interest does not entail any commitment on the part of UNDP, either financial or otherwise. UNDP CO in Tajikistan reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Expressions of Interest without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant/s of the grounds.

Interested companies may obtain further information or clarifications in writing through submission of the question to procurement.tj@undp.org.

EOI from suppliers failing to provide the request information will be disregarded. Invitations to bid and any subsequent purchase order will be issued in accordance with the rule and procedures of UNDP.

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